15 Tips for a Brand New Website In 2019

1. Uber suggest to find keywords:Texas Website Design & SEO Agency - MDM Meridian Digital Marketing

By using Uber suggest you can type in – for free – a keyword and it will show you highly relevant keywords that you need to know for your own website.

2. G Suite: For your email accounts:

Texas Website Design & SEO Agency - MDM Meridian Digital Marketing

If you’re going to be working in different tools for Google you’re going to want to make sure that you have a G suite account setup so you don’t have to use gmail.com it just going to make it a lot more professional for you so make sure that you set up a G Suite account for your SEO practices.

  • Set up Google search console:

You can make this happen with a G Suite account as well. Make sure to set up Google webmaster tools because it’s going to allow you to index your website to the search engines. Also it is going to allow you to do things like disavow bad links and submit your site map to the Google search engine so your website indexed very quickly especially if you have a new website.

  • Setup Google Analytics:

You need to monitor your traffic. You can make this happen once again with your G Suite account. Setup Google analytics and start sending traffic to your website so you can start to analyze who is coming to your website?How old are they? What gender are they? How much money do they make?That being said, youcan then segment traffic on Google analytics.

3. Local Schema Markup

Texas Website Design & SEO Agency - MDM Meridian Digital Marketing - SEO TX

If you’re a small-business locally use local schema markup. If you have a product then you’re going to want to do a review schema markup so when people are searching through the search they’re going to be able to see that your product or service is highly reviewed.If you are publishing a piece of news you are going to want to use news schema markup. The way that you do this as you head over to Google structured data testing tool, place your domain and see if there is any structured data on it existing. If there’s not, then you need to do it yourself or hire SEO agency to do it for you. At MDM Meridian digital Marketing, our SEO Google certified experts will do all that for you. We highly recommend to do that with every single new website so Google can know exactly what your page is about.

4. Google Page Speed Insights

Google came out with mobile first indexing last year and they said that websites are going to be indexed inside of Google based on their mobile responsiveness and speed.So what you really need to use Google pagespeed insights because you want to make sure that your website speed is up-to-date and is faster than your competitors Google is going to start renting websites based on user experience.

5. Ask the public

This is by far one of our favorite keyword research tools because it actually has data that people say and do inside of the local area where your business may be located.Start to do some keyword research ideas and you might find something that you never would have thought to find inside for your brand new website if you’re trying to Target new keywords.

6. Exact Match Domain (EMD) or Partial Match Domain(PMD)

A. Exact match domain EMD:

Google ruled out something called the EMD update domain. For example if you were trying to rank for Dallas Texas painter you would buy dallastexaspainter.com and that is an EMD domain and generally this will have a very significant Rankingboost Inside of Google almost instantly. You can do this by making it at the top of Google using EMD if you’re going for a highly competitive keywords or if you’re creating little micro sites. This is going to get you the rankings that you want very quickly. Regardless of their update, this stuff still works.We are testing this every day with multiple websites that we have.

B. Partial match domain (PMD):

which is called a PMD which is not the same as EMD but it still has some form of keyword inside of the domain for example our website is MeridianDigitalMarketing.com so our domain is a PMD for the keyword “Digital Marketing”. This is going to give us an extra ranking benefit. We advise you to use this at your own precaution. Donot get away from building a brand just because you want to have an EMD domain.

7. Title Tag:

when somebody search on Google they look at two things one is your title tag and two is your url so you need to make sure that you’re optimizing your title tag for more clicks inside of the search engines.The best way to do this is to make sure that you’re adding some type of a social proof, call to action or something unique inside of your title tag and if competitors are not doing that then you will be able to outrank your competitors.

8. Ask for conversions:

It is a metric that Google is clearly looking at when it comes to SEO and when it comes to PCC. You need to add more call to action and submission forms on your website so you can get more conversions therefore increasing not only your bottom line sales but also your website rankings

9. Image – .JPEG

This is very simple don’t use PNG use JPEG and make sure that your images are under 1 MB. IF they are over 1 megabyte then yourwebsite will be very slow.This can be done by something like Photoshop or any other tools online.Take your competitor that you’re trying to outrank for the targeted keyword that you’re trying to rank for an put them on the Google pagespeed insights and then just make sure that you optimize your website speed to beat their website speed so you can get more website ranking and make more money.

10. Guestposting for more traffic.

It is very simple. If you write content on a website that has your audience already available reading that blog and if you put in good value, they’re going to send a flutter referral traffic to your website which means getting more email subscribers and more form submissions and ultimately higher ranking. This is especially important for new websites because if you have anew website then likely you will have no traffic, no backlinks and no say in anything soit’s very important that you start building these relationships with those other blogs that are targeting your customers.

11. FAQs styled content

Frequently asked questions is one of my favorite tips to give to my clients and my students.When you are focusing on a keyword, you need to see what questions people are asking about that keyword.When you start to create a large FAQ database on a website, it’s going to create a lot of backlinks to your website because people love that.People love statistics, people love looking at data so if you create a glossary for your brand new website just targeting all the questions that people ask you. One best practice for doing this is looking at your phone every time somebody asks something then just answer it and place it on your website.For example, if you’re an accountant you may have questions like how can I prepare for tax season? This is a great topic for SEO, for social media…etc.

12. Infographics and videos

People don’t want to read anymore. They want to see a visual graph. They want to listen to an audio. They want to see pictures.So make your content iCandy. I can’t stand when I see a new site or any website that just has a blurb of text and then complain why they’re not ranking inside Google search engine. People don’t have time. They don’t want to read and they definitely don’t want to look at just a blurb of text that just hurts their eyes. Make sure that you’re adding relevant media to your content this can be done through things like infographics, audio, illustration, gifographics, and videos.This is going to really increase your website dwell time and lower your bounce rate.Use videos like YouTube videos.This is something that is so important and it’s why major brands are starting to look into video.If this was a video and you made it this far in this video, it’s likely that you just listened to me talking about 15 different tips on how to get more SEO rankings.Well if this is on my website and if that’s where you’re watching it then you just spent 15 minutes on my website and you don’t even know it.Using videosis exactly how people are going to win in search engine optimization in 2019 going forward.You can always order a whiteboard explanation videos. So when it comes to making a great excellent content try to add video into the text.It’s going to increase your traffic and it’s going to lower your bounce rate.Ultimately giving you more conversions.

13. YEXT to optimize all of your directory listings

You need to have the exact match name address and phone number at all directories. Make sure that you optimize your listings with the most relevant images and the most relevant business information about your company.Moz reported that 10% ranking Factor when it comes to the Google Maps listings depend on the locations and business information being consistent so you don’t want to miss out this.

14. Image alt tags

To out beat some of the competitors of my clientsthat I consult with,I just quickly go into their website and just add an image alt tag. An image alt tag is basically what you tell Google whatthe picture is all about. Google unfortunately can’t see your picture and it can’t analyze that data based on visuals so you kind of have to guide it. A lot of web designers put a lot of pictures on their websites and they don’t tell Google what those pictures are.

15. Internal linking

You need to use internal links on your website to decrease bounce rate and give a good user experience.A lot of the times when you’re mentioning stuff on your website and you need to explain a term meaning then you can simply link the term to one of your FAQ pages.So use more internal links on your website to crush the competitors in 2019.

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