Do you offer any specific pricing packages for your services?

Unlike other marketing agencies, we accept mostly any budget because our proposals are custom based on the hours delivered for our clients. Therefore, we cannot set a “package” or a plan price for our services. Our pricing depends on the type of business, the client’s goals, and what the client is currently utilizing online. We determine the price by thoroughly analyzing the client current digital marketing situation. Meridian Digital Marketing MDM team will analyze the client current rankings plus social presence and our team will study how much your competitors are spending on paid ads and what tools they are using for their marketing. Because of all the above, we provide pricing based on the research results we find out for your situation. Get a price quote here.

Do you require your clients to sign a contract?

Most of Successful Marketing campaigns are measured throughout time; Marketing cannot be measured in a single month time. We offer a wide range of services such as SEO, web design, PPC, social media management and advertising, graphic design and reputation management, concept creation, email marketing, Affiliate marketing and concept creation. Therefore, we generally create and maintain laser target marketing campaigns for our clients. Our marketing campaigns can range from 6 months to 2 years. If you’re not ready for such a commitment with your business, we highly recommend you to revisit us in the future. Our services work the best for businesses who have the mindset of growth because this is our mindset.

What makes your agency different than others?

Meridian Digital Marketing MDM is the only company that offers your business a free test of our work so we van gain your trust and to assure you that we are experienced and we know what we are doing. We offer to top-rank your business for one keyword in your local area.MDM stands apart from the others because of our competitive nature that comes from the victory of our clients and our extensive portfolio and case studies. To date, all of our clients have made the top 3 rankings in the Google search results.