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Best practices of Social Media Marketing for your needs

Can potential customers easily find your products or services? Are your messages inspiring action? These are questions that both big and small companies grapple with. As a business, for you to meet your prospect at the right time, and with a clear message, you need to invest in social media marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t have an in-house social media marketing team that’s capable of crafting and executing an effective social media marketing strategy. If you are one of them, then worry not. At Meridian Digital Marketing MDM agency, we will not only help you reach your potential clients, but also make your website visible, by ranking it high on search engines. We are a team of skilled digital marketing professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve your marketing goals.

Social MediaManagement and Marketing Services

Meridian Digital Marketing MDM social media services include:

Developing Brand Awareness
Through our social media management services, we will increase your followers and make your content visible to relevant people. Meridian Digital Marketing MDMwill also ensure that your followers match the interests, behaviors, and demographics of your usual customers. Learn more.
Increasing Website Exposure
The amount of traffic that flows into your website influences the number of sales and leads. We will help you in crafting social media marketing campaigns that have the potential to drive more traffic to your site. Learn more.
Building strong relationships
Customers appreciate when they know that their comments on your social media platforms will get them a personalized response instead of an automated message.  The more you engage your customers in one-on-one conversations, the more likely they are to remain loyal to your brand. The more loyal they are, the more likely they are to stay with you and evangelize’ your brand to their family and friends. Learn more.
Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

While the benefits of Facebook advertising are clear, how to use it to drive sales is not. Although Facebook makes several billion dollars per year in advertising revenue, over 40% of Facebook Marketers struggle to see significant results. This is because it is very simple to create your first Facebook ad, but extremely difficult to truly make it successful.

Meridian Digital Marketing MDM agency is an agency with experienced Facebook advertisers on staff to help businesses use Facebook ads to grow. Our Facebook ad teamare all Facebook certified experts. We help our clients develop advanced campaigns to grow their business.

Advanced Facebook tactics we employ for our clients include A/B split testing, remarketing and lookalike audiences, as well as conversion optimization. We help our clients create effective ads and continue to optimize for optimal results. We test variations of ads to see which one performs the best. And to measure performance, we install conversion pixels on your website to pinpoint the exact number of leads/sales you receive in a specific period of time. These are just some of the requirements needed to implement a profitable Facebook ads campaign. Learn more.

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram has one of the highest lead-to-close rates. 60 percent of social media users discover new products on it. By having a strong influence on Instagram, you will be able to increase brand awareness and boost traffic to your website. Our team of social media experts will help tap into this market, by building a wider audience on Instagram. Learn more.
Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing Services

Businesses that have an effective Twitter marketing strategy can bolster their customer service. We will track your competitors, improve engagement with your target audience and increase traffic to your site. Learn more.
Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest has a community of over 400 million users that mainly consists of middle to high-income women. The site also syncs with other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. All these make it one of the best social media sites for anyone selling consumer goods. Learn more.
LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn has over 500 million professionals and decision makers who are seeking ways to improve their businesses. Most of the people on LinkedIn are over 25 years and college educated. This provides a more diverse market to showcase your services. Learn more.

So Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective way of reaching customers. Compared with traditional advertising, social media is three times cheaper. This offers a huge advantage, as you will not only get a bigger return on investment, but also get to retain more resources for other business and marketing expenses.

We will help you achieve this by:

Advertising with precision

What makes social media marketing so powerful is that you can target precise demographics. We run laser-targeted marketing that’s based on people’s online behaviors and interests, to capture your intended audience.

Retargeting Website Visitors

We can incorporate retargeting pixels into your site and target adverts on recent site visitors. Typically, less than 2% of visitors convert on the visit. By retargeting your visitors (visitors who didn’t convert), we’ll be able to increase your conversion rate, hence more sales.

95% of the 100 business ad accounts we’ve looked at are poorly optimized. This means a lot of these businesses fail to reach their targeted audience due to poor marketing. By crafting an effective social media marketing strategy for your business, you will improve your conversion rates, bolster your SEO, increase your traffic, and improve your brand loyalty. Learn more.

Why choose us?

MDM is an all in one agency. We offer a Meridian Digital Marketing comprehensive package that includes graphic design, web design, SEO, and digital marketing services. Our team is certified in social media ads. We will help you create engaging marketing concepts that will increase traffic to your site, through social media channels.

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